The abbreviation of GMS is Global Milestone Solutions.

GMS Solicitors (Pvt.) Ltd is registered with the Securities & Exchange Commission of Pakistan (SECP)  under Companies Act, 2017. The abbreviation of GMS is Global Milestone Solutions.

The primary motive of GMS Solicitors is to provide quality services in the field of business-related legal issues, individual and Corporate matters as well. GMS Solicitors believe in eminence team of consultancy includes Tax Practitioners, Chartered Accountants, Corporate Lawyers, Legal Advisors, Advocates High-court, Chartered Secretaries & business consultant who always look forward to meeting clients gratification.

Expansion of business in global mean with pro-efficiency of work & clients satisfaction.

Our mission is to treat everyone that seeks our accounting & legal expertise with Courtesy, evaluate every case with Tenacity, and ensure that we achieve Justice for each and every one of our clients

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